2000 VA Premium Polytronik® toroidal transformer

Our Polytronik® toroidal transformers are highly suitable for the production of modern, high-performance device and system components in the entire field of electrical engineering and electronics (such as audio/hi-fi technology, medical technology, communications engineering, measurement technology, halogen lighting area, area of alternative energy sources, such as solar technology).

High performance with compact dimensions, extremely low magnetic leakage, maximum efficiencies and very good temperature behavior particularly characterize our transformers.

We are also happy to develop customized Polytronik® toroidal transformers for you in designs up to 9kVA power with individual assembly including housing or mounting platform up to unregulated or linear regulated power supplies and chokes. Via our configurator you can compose your toroidal transformer individually and send us your inquiry. We will then be happy to provide you with an offer.

  • Qualified manufacturer with certified QM system DIN EN ISO 9001 as a prerequisite for reproducible quality products
  • Safety tested and monitored by SEV and UL, guaranteed compliance with international safety standards
  • High operational reliability and long product life due to pressureless mounting technology, built-in temperature switches and a competent supplier certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Cost and time savings due to the possibility of purchasing complete solutions from a single source (toroidal winding goods including fabrication and housing or assembly platform)
  • Versatile applications due to compact dimensions, low weight, low stray magnetic field, very high efficiency and extremely low hum noise compared to “conventional” transformers
  • Quick mounting due to various mounting options
  • Savings in testing and certification costs thanks to the ENEC mark on our RKTs; this mark is recognized by the European testing institutes, so no further tests are required on the transformer

Differences from the standard Basic program:

  • Maximum ambient temperature ta = 60°C / temperature class B (130°C)
  • Temperature switch 120°C integrated in the primary winding (automatically resetting)
  • Toroidal transformer encapsulated on mounting plate with central through-hole; pressureless mounting
  • All connections made with stranded wires and assembled with wire end ferrules

For further technical information, please refer to the type list and the data sheet.


Download Datasheet

2000 2 x 115 825080 2 x 115 2 x 8,70 98 215 115 16,00 825080


The current and voltage values given in the table are AC rated load values.
For the open-circuit voltage, please refer to the data sheet, which is called up by clicking on the respective part number (PDF).

Subject to technical changes. Prices on request.



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