Medical Engineering

Better safe than sorry!

Component manufacturing and devices for medical technology

Thanks to our expertise in sheet metal processing and electrical engineering, SEDLBAUER AG has been an indispensable partner in manufacturing medical technology for decades. Thanks to our quality management system according to ISO 13485, we guarantee you nothing but the highest quality and product safety.





We offer:

  • The highest quality and safety standards for medical equipment used in hospitals, rehab centers, medical centers, and practices.
  • Years of experience and a proven history of trust.
  • Compliance with all applicable safety and production standards.
  • Extensive production controls and continuous process optimization for maximum product quality.
  • Documentation of the entire development and manufacturing process, which ensures complete transparency from start to finish, as well as system qualification and process validation.
  • Complete or partial individualized solutions for project planning and development.
  • Our own products: Medical isolating transformer series “polyMIT” and MTT 1000
  • Expertise in sheet metal processing and assembly, and electrical assembly.



Thanks to our many years of experience in sheet metal processing and electrical engineering and our EN ISO 13485 certification, we supply our customers with high-quality medical components and devices that you can trust.

Choose SEDLBAUER AG, because the safety of your personnel and patients should always come first.

Christina Friedl

Product Management Electromechanical Systems, Medical Engineering

+49 (0)8552 41-111

Julian Müllner

Product Management Power Units, Medical Engineering, E-Mobility

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Certified according to:

Medical devices – quality management systems   EN ISO 13485 (certified since 01.04.1995)

The EN 60601 series of standards defines safety requirements and ergonomic demands for medical electrical equipment and in medical systems. It is based on the internationally valid IEC 60601.

Product examples

Own products

Medical isolating transformers

polyMIT series with NTC inrush current limitation



polyMIT series "e%with electronic inrush current limitation



MTT 1000 certified according to UL 2601-1



What is the difference between the polyMIT and polyMITe series?

Whereas in the original polyMIT family the starting current of the toroidal transformer is limited mechanically with an NTC, the polyMITe series has an electronic inrush current limitation including half-wave failure detection.

What is the difference between the polyMIT series and the MTT?

Due to its three taps, the MTT1000 can be operated with 100V in addition to 115 and 230V (note: the permissible power output drops to approx. 850VA). Furthermore, the MTT1000 has additional overload protection on the secondary side.




  • ME equipment manufacturer
  • ME systems planner
  • Medical technology specialist dealers
  • Series and special solutions for customer-specific applications


  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Medical practices
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Therapy and rehabilitation centers, etc.



Customized solutions

Housing for laboratory technology



Electromechanical assembly for medical technology

Chassis for eye surgery



Power supply for skin cancer diagnostic device

Electromechanical assembly for medical technology

SEDLBAUER Medical Engineering offers you a wide product portfolio of medical isolating transformers for immediate use!

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