Cable Assembly

EcoStrip 9320 (Automatic Cut & Strip Machine)

Processable cables
: Stranded wire cable up to 9 mm outer diameter, flat cable up to 13 mm width
Conductor cross section
: AWG 8, 10 mm2
Stripping length : 45 mm right end, 100 mm left end
Programme memory capacity
: 250 cables with all processing parameters
Pre feeders: The key to consistent length accuracy

When it comes to fully automated cable processing, poorly or lacking pre-feeders are responsible for at least 50 percent of all deviations between the full and stripped insulator lengths.

The tension exerted on a cable, which is simply wound off the reel, can temporarily stretch the material and cause deviations in lengths – the material then often contracts again a certain time after processing.

Depending on the material being processed, a pre-feeder reduces the tension on the cable to an absolute minimum by compensating for the acceleration (stripping) of the automatic wire stripper.

The existing system comprises a ZG200B2 pre-feeder and DHS1000D sag control.

ZG200B2 Pre Feeder

The compact pre-feeder ZG200B2 was developed as an active feed system for processing all kinds of materials to feed cable from coils or racks, or strands from barrels to the connected processing system.

Use of high-class conveyor belts and the option of mechanical throughput limitation from 0 to 30 mm guarantees a maximum stripping rate of 2.7 m/s.

The speed of the ZG200B2 is controlled by the non-contact DHS1000D sag control.

The machine features guide rollers at the input and output to guarantee unhindered material flow and protection from intervention.

DHS1000D Sag Control

The DHS1000D sag control was specially developed for controlling machine parts at which very light and pressure-sensitive materials need to be recognized and processed. It is a fully electronic sag control with a self-monitoring function, which recognizes the sag of materials using reflex light barriers and converts this to a nominal value.

Crimp Pressing

Manufacturer: Hauke, WDT

  • Crimping of flat and round plugs, ferrules, cable lugs and all DIN and standard parts
  • Assessing the quality of crimp connections using stripping force tester up to 1000 N