Quality Policy

Quality before all else

Quality is the basis of all activities at Sedlbauer AG and its subsidiaries. Every employee makes an essential contribution. Together, the quality policy and company guidelines form the working basis for all employees. Zero error quality in all products, processes and services is the prerequisite for securing the future.

Our ultimate objective is to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We do this by providing faultless products and services, punctuality and friendly and competent communication with our customers.

With permanent and continuous improvement processes, we determine measures to increase the quality of our products, services and processes. Implementing these measures then takes topmost priority. This demands of every employee total commitment to the quality of his or her personal work, as well as an active contribution to the improvement of Sedlbauer products.


Quality through thought and action

To reach our quality goals, the skills of all employees must be continually and targetedly enhanced and trained towards customer- and quality-oriented thinking and action.


Quality through management

Our managers are the role models for our employees: They must formulate clear, realistic objectives and support the employees on achieving them. They are responsible for achieving these objectives.