Press Release - 15.10.2018

Sedlbauer AG and Parking Energy Ltd join forces to electrify all real estate parking spaces in Germany

Sedlbauer AG, based in Grafenau, Germany, and Parking Energy Ltd, based in Helsinki, Finland have joined forces to develop Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points and cabling system components for the QuickConnector system originally developed by Parking Energy. Electric vehicle market is booming worldwide, and one of the key challenges has been EV charging at parking areas of apartment and office buildings, and other large parking areas such as airports and park & ride areas. Parking Energy EV charging service for real estate fulfils all the requirements, by introducing turn-key, all-inclusive service for property owners, housing corporations and parking operators.

Parking Energy service forms an ecosystem where charging station manufacturers, electrical component manufacturers, electrical contractors, EV charging operators and real estate companies work together to deploy electric vehicle charging to all parking bays. Parking Energy started from ideas used in Finland, where 1.5 million (the majority) of all parking spaces are already equipped with electricity.

With the Parking Energy service, cabling and electricity supply is planned for all parking spaces, making the whole building EV ready. Installation including cable routes, cables and the QuickConnectors can be in one go or staged as suitable projects to suit the business needs at each site. Typically the Parking Energy infrastructure cost is about one tenth of the cost of traditional charge point installation. After deployment, installation of the physical charging points is a simple one minute plug-in task. The benefits include ability to select power level and the technology per site, built-in load management, future-proof multi-vendor solution that includes comprehensive metering and billing options.

The Parking Energy system has already been successfully installed and in full operation at several sites in Finland, and the number of growing fast.

Says Jiri Räsänen, CEO of Parking Energy:

“People will not buy Electric Vehicles unless they can plug them in at their home or workplace. Thus, it is important to get all parking spaces EV ready in a cost-efficient way to unblock the EV market. To make this global, we work together with local companies to bring together the shared skills and already existing channels, to scale to millions of parking spaces during the next few years, and to create a shared ecosystem where everyone wins.”

Maximilian Halser, the CEO of Sedlbauer AG notes:

“We have seen a strong demand for EV charging systems to cover large parking facilities with our customers. By combining Parking Energy technology to our EV charging products, we are creating a new product line which we already have customers lined up.”

Sedlbauer and Parking Energy are already working on the first projects, including ones to be deployed in EU Horizon 2020 funded “Electric Mobility Without Frontiers” (EMWF) project. One of the first large scale deployments of Parking Energy’s QuickConnector system was at a Finnish insurance company Varma’s headquarters building in Helsinki. Their commercial property director Toni Pekonen points out:

“As electric vehicles become more common, EV charge points will be needed in places where they spend extended periods of time. This has also been taken into account in the environmental certification of buildings, as well as in EU legislation to take effect in 2019 concerning requirements for electric vehicles in properties and new buildings.”

About Parking Energy: Parking Energy Ltd. is a charging services provider for electric vehicles in a real estate environment. The company specialises in electric vehicle charging technology for parking areas in large-scale properties. Parking Energy was established in 2014. The company aims to enable rapid growth in the number of electric vehicles by offering a scalable, cost-effective and smart charging service.

About Sedlbauer: The Sedlbauer AG, a company of the EDWANZ group, offers design, development, construction and production of electromechanical assemblies, charging stations and charging boxes, POS- and kiosk systems, transformers, power supplies and inductive components. We serve customers in such market segments as telecommunications, medical technology, e-mobility, industry electronics, electro mechanics and railway technology.

For more information on Parking Energy contact

  • Mr. Jiri Räsänen, CEO, Parking Energy Ltd, tel. +358 45 601 3553,
  • Mr. Harri Vesa, Parking Energy Ltd, tel. +49 157 32 66 2974

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  • Mr. Julian Müllner, tel. +49 8552 41-131,
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